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Climate Stewards Sacramento Tree Foundation course
Contact: garrett@sactree.org
Sponsor: UC Environmental Stewards

Full Course Website: https://calnat.ucanr.edu/Take_a_class/Sacramento_Tree_Foundation/ 

The Sacramento Tree Foundations UC Climate Stewards Certification Course will focus on the urban environment and the role it plays in climate action. The course will explore how our built environment can play an essential role in environmental justice, conservation, urban greening, and community stewardship. We will explore these themes through the unique lens of urban forestry, regional sustainability, community resilience, and local action. The course will incorporate not only an academic approach but also experimental experiences through guest speakers, field trips, participatory science, and projects. 

Class Dates: September 4 - November 13, 2024, Wednesday(s) 6:00pm-8:00pm

Field Trip Dates: Saturday(s) 8:00am-1:00pm, 9/21, 10/12, 10/26

Fees: $250

Delivery Mode: Hybrid (First and last class and field trips are in person) 

Contact: Garrett Werner, garrett@sactree.org   

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Organization Description: The Sacramento Tree Foundation has been a leader in Urban Forestry in the Sacramento region for over 40 years, planting over 10,000 trees a year. We use a Seed to Slab approach that incorporates the full life cycle of trees, from gathering acorns for propagation, planting trees in communities and reforestation, to milling urban trees at the end of their life to continue carbon sequestering. Education and community engagement in our Urban Forest are important factors in how we accomplish local change, working toward tree canopy equity and a livable and lovable region.