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CalNat College of the Redwoods course
Contact: Karen Reiss, Karen-Reiss@redwoods.edu
Sponsor: UC Environmental Stewards

Full course page: http://calnat.ucanr.edu/Take_a_class/CR/

BIOL 20 Natural History of California, 4 Units

This course is a GE Life Science course that focuses on the biology of California habitats and the organisms that live there. If you’re interested in field biology, or like to get outdoors, or want to learn more about the natural world in this beautiful place we live, then this is the course for you.

  • Lectures cover basic principles of life and physical science, and then delve into more detailed consideration of CA habitats, plants and animals, and relevant conservation and management issues.
  • Labs are all hands-on and include numerous field trips to local biotic communities (including the intertidal, beaches and dunes, tidal wetlands, coastal scrub and grasslands, and a variety of forests).
  • Skills developed include species identification strategies, methods of field inquiry, how to keep a field notebook, and how to use online resources such as iNaturalist.
  • Project-based learning includes a class Citizen Science project and an independent Capstone Project that can incorporate research or service-learning.

UC California Naturalist Certification is awarded to any student who successfully completes the course (for a certification fee of $55 for a full-time student or $110 for a part time student; scholarships may be available). California Naturalists are recognized statewide as a well-trained community of naturalists active in environmental education, stewardship and service. Certification can facilitate future scholarships, internships and jobs in environmental science and education.

Dates: January 18 - May 16, 2025

Delivery Mode: In-Person

Lecture: Monday(s) and Wednesday(s), 11:40AM - 01:05PM

Lab: Thursday(s), 01:15PM - 04:25PM

Contact: Karen Reiss, Karen-Reiss@redwoods.edu, 707-476-4220

Fees: $55 for a full-time student or $110 for a part time student; scholarships may be available

Registration: New students can learn more about College of the Redwoods admissions process and registration here.

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