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Climate Stories

A Community Call for Climate Stories

Have you been working to address the threat of climate change? Are you involved in any activities that will help your community adapt to change? Have you made changes to your commute, diet, residence, landscaping/land-management practices, purchasing/consumption habits, work, or how you volunteer?

California Naturalists learn about the California Phenology Project
Tell your story! UC California Naturalist has completed a project with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to help populate the Climate Adaptation Clearinghouse by capturing authentic experiences of all Californians as they deal with a changing climate. These experiences share the diversity of people, places, and issues that make climate stories inherently unique and at the same time universal.

Each story answers three simple questions: 1) What motivated you to act? 2) What was your response or change in behavior or practice? and 3) What have you learned from your experience? (If applicable, to what extent has your work connected to local or state government efforts?)

Contribute to the faces, voices, and lessons behind a wide range of individual and community stories related to addressing climate change by submitting your own story.