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The mission of the UC California Naturalist Program is to foster a diverse community of naturalists and promote stewardship of California's natural resources through education and service. 

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We just sent out notifications to our first round of #CalNat2016 Statewide Conference Scholarship recipients. That feels GREAT! Can't wait to see you, Naturalists! Thanks to our sponsors who help make this conference possible! Save the Redwoods League, U.S. Forest Service, UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of California, Riverside, The Nature Conservancy, Acorn Naturalists, Heyday Books, University of California Press, Timothy Rodrigues in support of diverse people and perspectives, and in memory of Ruth Esther Durham.

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Have you BioBlitzed this spring? Check out our partner SPAWN, Salmon Protection And Watershed Network's June 4 Bioblitz along Lagunitas Creek. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This fall, the National Park Service will remove an abandoned small town alongside the creek. The floodplain, creek banks, and riparian habitats will be restored to provide critical rearing habitat for coho salmon and steelhead trout. SPAWN and the California Academy of Sciences will monitor species biodiversity and water quality changes as a result of the restoration efforts on a semi-annual basis. Join SPAWN California Naturalists to provide valuable baseline data for the project! If you can, stay after the Bioblitz to collect native seeds and remove invasive plants along this site. Email with any questions #BioBlitz2016

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Why #CalNat? Director Merenlender, a UC Agriculture & Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Policy, & Management (ESPM) - UC Berkeley Cooperative Extension specialist and conservation biologist talks to California Agriculture journal about the program's success, conservation, and biodiversity in California.

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Through the generous support of our sponsors, the California Naturalist program is pleased to announce a second round of partial scholarship awards that cover registration costs of interested attendees. Don't miss the July 15 scholarship deadline for attending the 2016 conference. This conference is for and by our community and we want you to come! The application is short and sweet. Apply now 


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Registration is open for the 2016 California Naturalist Conference! September 9-11, 2016. New: Field trips and advanced trainings announced, we're accepting proposals for posters and lighting talks.

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 First national celebration for citizen science in April! 
Check out what California Naturalist partners are doing on the event calendar here

Check out the first bioregional publication in the California Naturalist Publication Series! Natural History of the Sierra Nevada By Kim Ingram and Susie Kocher.

Time's Flaming Arrow: Read about journalist Mary Ellen Hannibal's CalNat immersion experience in the HuffPost Green Blog.


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