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Our colleagues at The Hopland Research and Extension Center and UC Agriculture & Natural Resources are hosting a one-day workshop on "Living with Wildlife: New and Emerging Research" August 31. Not to be missed if you are a rancher, agency, non-profit, researcher or anyone else with an interest in tackling the challenges associated with ranching in a landscape rich in wildlife. More here:

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Throughout the centuries, people have witnessed and reported the unusual effects of solar eclipses on animals and their change in behavior. There are many anecdotal stories from bees returning to the hive to crickets chirping. The Life Responds project from iNaturalist and the California Academy of Sciences asks the public to collect data on animal behavior before, during, and after the August 21 eclipse. Learn more here and at

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Insights on effective climate change communication by Jon Christensen. "Let’s talk about how urgent action is, and imagine the worst results of not acting, but let’s be sure to tell stories that lower the barrier to taking action, too, individually and collectively."

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RR REG OPEN FINAL (1500x2000)
Registration is open for the first California Naturalist Program Regional Rendezvous on October 8 in the North Coast and Bay-Delta Bioregions! We are excited to work with long-time partners at Pepperwood Preserve to offer a one day gathering for California Naturalists and interested friends. Naturalist updates, field walks with experts, keynote speakers, book exchange, lunch, and a final gathering and reception will all be included in this fun day.

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Check out our new Partner Story Map: find a class or an organization near you! 



UC Green Blog: Enjoy Nature but don't love it to death. A peer-reviewed summary of recreation impacts on wildlife by contributing author and CalNat Director Adina Merenlender. 

Hot off the press: “Evaluating environmental education, citizen science, and stewardship through naturalist programs” in the Conservation Biology journal volume 30, issue 6 examines data from California and Virginia naturalist programs to understand participant motivations, barriers, and perspectives as well as the actions they take to advance science, stewardship, and community engagement. 

New California Agriculture article on CalNat Director Adina Merenlender: Building a new mode of extension for biodiversity conservation


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