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Happy Earth Day, naturalists! Thanks for all you do to appreciate, explore, and share nature year-round! Inland Mendocino #calnat grads organized a Sanhedrin Chapter California Native Plant Society naturalist wildflower wander in a local park. We hope you enjoyed the weekend too!

Posted 4 hours ago
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Are you planning a garden or heading to a plant sale this weekend? Growing the right combo of plants that flower sequentially can provide nectar and pollen for adult natural enemies like lady beetles, lacewings, and parasitic wasps throughout the year to naturally reduce pests like aphids, leafhoppers, and thrips. Great advice for both farmers and home gardeners in this blog post from the UC ANR Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program.

Posted 2 days ago
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If you are looking for an Earth Day volunteer opportunity this weekend, check in with the California State Parks near you! Thousands of volunteers throughout the state will construct and update structures for ADA compliance, clear trash and clean graffiti, remove invasive plants and replace them with native species, renovate campgrounds, maintain trails, and more in celebration of their 20th annual Earth Day Restoration event.

Posted 3 days ago
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Program Updates

New CalNat Annual Report. This report summarizes the activities, outputs and outcomes of the UC California Naturalist Program and its network of partners for the period July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. View the full report here.


Have you been working to address the threat of climate change? Tell us your story! UC California Naturalist is working with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to help populate the new Climate Adaptation Clearinghouse by capturing authentic experiences of all Californians as they deal with a changing climate. Please share your story by Sunday, May 6, 2018.  View full details here

Expanding access to the California Naturalist community: we've launched a scholarship fund! Read all about it here

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