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CalNat Palomar Community College course
Contact: maria.aispuro@dominguezrancho.org or 310-603-0088
Sponsor: California Naturalist

Course Details: The Palomar California Naturalist Program is offered through GEOG 195. The Department of Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences at Palomar College is pleased to offer a regional field course, in conjunction with the UC California Naturalist program, focused on the natural history of San Diego County. Through this partnership, we’ll combine place-based education focusing on how local natural systems function with the opportunity to obtain a valuable statewide certification as a certified California Naturalist.

Dates: April 3rd - May 27, 2023

Fees: $150 - $200

Delivery Mode: In-person

Contact: Stephen Crook scrook@palomar.edu

Catherine Jain cjain@palomar.edu 

Course Website & Registration: Click here for more information.

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