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CalNat West Valley College California Plants and Animals
Contact: Leticia Gallardo, leticia.gallardo@westvalley.edu
Sponsor: UC Environmental Stewards

Full course website: https://calnat.ucanr.edu/Take_a_class/WV_College/ 

BIO 14 California Plants and Animals, 4 Units

This course is a general education course which introduces California plants and animals in an ecological context. An ecosystem approach is used to explain the geographic distribution of lifeforms and their community associations. This course also provides an introduction to the natural history of California with an emphasis on plants and animals. The most common life forms from the coast to the mountains to the desert are explored within the ecological context. This class is designed for non-majors.

Dates: January 27 - May 24, 2024

Delivery Mode: Hybrid

Lecture: Monday(s), 2:05pm - 5:15pm

Lab: Wednesday(s), 2:05pm - 5:15pm

Fees: WVC class fees are $46 per unit

Contact: Leticia Gallardo, leticia.gallardo@westvalley.edu, (408) 741-2416

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