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Potential Partner Info Page

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Welcome to the California Naturalist (CalNat) and UC Climate Stewards (UCCS) follow up Potential Partner Information Page

This page is intended to serve as a follow up tool for potential partners with whom we have had an initial conversation about offering either of our programs. Please bookmark this page so you can pull information to use for subsequent follow up meetings with your team, leadership, or directory board. Please know that we are always available for further follow up meetings. Both courses share the same administrative systems and basic course requirements but content and delivery vary. Please note: This is not a public page. Please do not share without our consent.

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment and review this page on partnership requirements.

If you have already had a meeting with us and are looking for next steps, please click here.

Basic Course Requirements -

To received certification, every Naturalist and Steward will have:

  1. Read the entire course handbook (CalNat / Climate Stewards)
  2. Have 40 or more contact learning hours delivered over 8-12 weeks. This includes in-person or virtual synchronous instruction and field trips. For Climate Stewards, this also includes asynchronous Canvas content
  3. Add at least 10 observations to your course's iNaturalist project (California Naturalist) or ISeeChange (Climate Stewards)
  4. Complete a Stewardship Project (previously called Capstone Project)
  5. For CalNat, participate in your course's Participatory Science Project

Downloads -

These documents can serve as templates or proof of concept for you to bring to your team to see where your curriculum aligns and what is needed to deliver our courses. Please feel free to download a copy and start modifying the syllabus to your organization.

UC Credit -

UC Environmental Stewards is one of many programs housed with in the University of California division of Agriculture and Natural Resource (UC ANR) and as a graduate of our program, Naturalists and Stewards are eligible to purchase 4 Units of general undergrad UC college credits upon completing all requirements for graduation. The units are optional and the cost is $80. Official transcripts are an additional $15. Please click here for more information.

Non-Discrimination Agreement -

As a part of the University of California (UC), we are charged with serving all Californians and creating an inclusive and welcoming learning and working environment for our staff as well as any organizations and community members who participate in our programs. By entering into an agreement with our program, you and your organization are representing the UC Environmental Stewards Program at the community level and are agreeing to meet and uphold these standards and values. Failure to do so at any level may result in the termination of our Collaboration Agreement. These standards are outlined in our instructor manual, during the Instructor Trainings and course co-design process, in our Collaboration Agreement, and throughout various locations on-line. If ever a question arises on these matters, please don't hesitate to reach out to a UC Environmental Stewards staff member.

UCANR's Community Statement & Policies and Laws - a comprehensive list of these values.

Next Steps -

Having already met once for an informal partner intake call covering the basic program elements and partnership requirements found on this page, we will need to set up a formal partner intake call. This call will involve our staff & director as well as your admin and teaching team. By this point your organization has determined that the content on this page and all program elements and partnership requirements are acceptable.

Please complete the following -

  1. Instructor team applications - Please have everyone involved with teaching this course fill out an application.
  2. Partnership Agreement - Have your legal and admin team look over and approve the partnership agreement. Please know that the language for this agreement is set at the UC Office of the President and cannot be adjusted aside from customizing the names and contacts in the document to your organization. Once you have let us know that your organization accepts the agreement, we will generate a DocuSign version of the agreement specifically for your organization and send out to you and your team to get signed.
  3. Attend an upcoming instructor training - These trainings take place twice a year, once virtually in Spring and once in person in the Fall. Please plan on attending a training before the launch of your course. Here is a link with more information.
  4. Start the co-design processSet up regular or as needed check-ins with your local Community Education Specialist (Click here for a contact list).