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California Naturalist Handbook


The California Naturalist Handbook provides a fun, science-based introduction
to California’s natural history with an emphasis on observation, discovery,
communication, stewardship and conservation. It is a hands-on guide to
learning about the natural environment of California. Subjects covered include

California natural history and geology, native plants and animals, California’s
freshwater resources and ecosystems, forest and rangeland resources,
conservation biology, and the effects of climate change on California’s natural
communities. The Handbook also discusses how to create and use a field
notebook, natural resource interpretation, citizen science, and collaborative
conservation and serves as the primary text for the California Naturalist

Every certified naturalist will have read the entire handbook as one of their course requirements.

The handbook is eight chapters long and covers a broad range of topics:

Chapter 1: California Natural History and the Role of Naturalists 

Chapter 2: Geology, Climate, and Soils 

Chapter 3: Water 

Chapter 4: Plants 

Chapter 5: Forest, Woodland, and Range Resources and Management 

Chapter 6: Animals 

Chapter 7: Energy and Global Environmental Issues 

Chapter 8: Interpretation, Collaboration, and Citizen Science (Changed to Participatory Science)

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