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Climate Stewards USC Sea Grant course
Contact: Linda Chilton, lchilton@usc.edu, (213) 740-1965
Sponsor: UC California Naturalist

Course website: http://calnat.ucanr.edu/Take_a_class/USC_Sea_Grant_and_SEA_Lab/

Learn about the connection people have with climate and the ways we as individuals and communities can be involved with climate resilience. 

Dates: May 1 - July 15, 2023

Fees: $200 

Delivery Mode: Hybrid 

Contact: Linda Chilton, lchilton@usc.edu, (213) 740-1965

Course Website TBA

Organization Description: USC Sea Grant contributes to solving the problems of the Urban Ocean, while recognizing the opportunities for coastal commerce, recreation and improving the quality of life in coastal regions such as Southern California.