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UC Climate Stewards FAQ

The California Naturalist Program is growing and we want to keep you informed. This FAQ page is designed to answer basic questions about the new UC Climate Stewards course.

What is the UC Climate Stewards course?
The UC Climate Stewards course the newest offering of the UC California Naturalist Program. The mission of the UC Climate Stewards course is to prepare community members to communicate and engage in local efforts to advance community and ecosystem resilience in a changing climate. Our vision is for California to have engaged communities and functioning ecosystems that are resilient in a changing climate. Read more here.

How do I become a UC Climate Steward?
To become a certified UC Climate Steward, participants need to enroll in a 40+ hour course with one of our partner organizations. Courses will be listed in the Course Calendar on this page and on the home page. Subscribe to program updates here.

How do I enroll in a UC Climate Stewards course?
When the courses are posted in the online calendar, a link will be provided so that you can register directly through the partner offering the course. Since this curriculum is designed to foster community resilience, preference is often given to registrants in close geographic proximity to the partner organization offering the course.

What is the time commitment?
The course is 40+ hours and is a hybrid of online content modules, in-person/virtually in-person classroom sessions, and field experiences.

Who can become a UC Climate Steward?
The UC Climate Stewards course is open to adults and has no pre-requisites other than an interest in learning about the climate and community stewardship. An e-mail address and computer and wifi access are necessary to complete the course. Please contact us if there are barriers to accessing course materials and participating. 

Where and when are UC Climate Stewards courses offered?
The California Naturalist program collaborates with local partner organizations to deliver the certification course near you. Eleven of our partner organizations have signed on to support our launch of the UC Climate Stewards courses in beginning in January 2021. These partners are:

  • American River Conservancy
  • Columbia College
  • Community Environmental Council
  • Hopland Research & Extension Center
  • Oakland Zoo
  • Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History
  • Pasadena City College
  • Pepperwood 
  • Point Reyes National Seashore Association
  • Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District
  • Sierra Streams Institute
  • Sonoma Ecology Center
  • Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods
  • UC Riverside Palm Desert Center
  • University of Southern California Sea Grant

Click here to see a calendar of upcoming courses. 

How many UC Climate Stewards courses are required to receive the certificate?
One complete course is required to receive the certification.

Is the UC Climate Stewards course virtual or in-person?
The UC Climate Stewards course was designed as a hybrid online/in-person course. At this time due to COVID-19 restrictions on in-person gatherings, most of the courses currently being offered are virtual only. Each partner organization offering the course makes their own decisions about how to present based on restrictions in their location and class size. Please see the individual course page for details.

What is the total cost of a UC Climate Stewards course?
UC Climate Stewards courses are offered through our organizational partners. Typically, the course fee ranges from $250 to $400 dollars. Scholarships may be available- please contact the organization offering certification directly.

How can I stay informed about UC Climate Stewards news?
To stay abreast of all the latest developments within the California Naturalist program sign up for our e-newsletter here. View archives here.
How do I start a new UC Climate Stewards course in my area?
If there is no UC Climate Stewards in your area, click here for information on the requirements for potential partnering organizations.  

Where can I download UC Climate Stewards promotional materials for outreach or presentations? Please contact us for logos, sample text, a flier for potential participants, and an introductory PowerPoint presentation, or for more specific needs.
Contact the UC California Naturalist Program Team
Have a question for someone from the California Naturalist team? Click here to meet the team and learn their roles in the program.