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Climate Stewards

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 MISSION: UC Environmental Stewards prepares Climate Stewards to communicate and engage in local solutions to advance community and ecosystem resilience.

VISION: Our vision is for California to have engaged communities and functioning ecosystems that are resilient in a changing climate.

The UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, through UC Environmental Stewards, developed a Climate Stewards certification program. In collaboration with partners, including formal and informal science institutions, we deliver a public course that improves climate change literacy and civic engagement for community and ecosystem resilience throughout California.


Courses throughout California combine classroom, online, and field experiences in earth systems, water, energy and agriculture; as well as communication training, participatory science, and community service opportunities. The course includes an overview of state and local climate policies. After certification, Climate Stewards are encouraged to volunteer in activities ranging from community and participatory science, land and water stewardship, environmental justice and civic engagement, and education and interpretation activities.

Climate Stewards is a catalyst for public participation in California’s climate change initiatives.


The course curriculum was developed by Sarah-Mae Nelson, UC ANR Climate Stewards Academic Coordinator, with support from the UC Climate Stewards Core Team: Greg Ira, Adina Merenlender, and Kate Meadows.

DONATE: Please consider making a donation to sustain Climate Stewards. Your support to the program fund is particularly important during these formative years as we develop fundamental resources and partnerships to plan for change and resilience. Make a donation online here, choose the Climate Stewards fund. 

CONTACT: Want to stay abreast of Climate Stewards-related activities, find out how your organization can participate, or have additional ideas for program research and development? Please share your ideas and contact information here