See You Down the Trail, Sarah!

Oct 1, 2021

Program Blog - UC California Naturalist

This week we say “see you down the trail” to our Sierra/Central region Community Education Specialist, Sarah Angulo. Please join us in thanking Sarah for years of hard work and devotion to CalNat! Sarah joined our team almost four years ago, and as a UC Santa Cruz Environmental Studies and Natural History Field Quarter graduate with plenty of non-profit experience, she was a home run for the position. She came with well-honed environmental education skills, excellent community contacts, innate creativity, and a strong natural history background. Once here, Sarah helped us expand and clarify our participatory science work, was a social media ace, served as our go-to for GIS maps, facilitated well thought out and creatively executed trainings, and used her justice lens to find tangible ways to make our events and programs more inclusive. We'd be remiss to mention that Sarah excelled at something less glamorous that most people never saw, but all benefited from: she applied well developed project management and organizing skills to the chaotic task of working with so many diverse organizations around the state. She served 25+ organizations, co-developed numerous new courses, was a spreadsheet pro, and kept us on track and streamlined our processes. Our whole team will sorely miss Sarah, but we are excited for her as she takes on a new role as Programs and Communications Manager with the Water Education Foundation in Sacramento. We know many of you will want to keep in touch with Sarah, too. Here's her personal email, LinkedIn, and Facebook.