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Wishtoyo Foundation

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Our unique program is designed specifically for California’s Coastal Native Nations and communities, serving a significant need for capacity building and adult education opportunities that incorporate and elevate indigenous perspectives.

The 11-week training course combines 10 weeks of online instruction culminating in a mandatory 1-week in-person Immersion to be held at Wishtoyo Chumash Village in Malibu, CA. This extended curriculum will focus on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, coastal ecology, and marine science in addition to the standard California Naturalist curriculum. We are seeking students who can commit to this time frame, have demonstrated interest in furthering their understanding of course topics, and who wish to serve the needs of their community using skills gained through this program.

Participants who successfully complete all course requirements will earn their California Naturalist Certification, and will be eligible for 4 UC general education credits (additional fee). This course is intensive and requires approximately 5 hours of dedicated time per week (including class time).

Dates: TBA

Contact: Alicia Cordero, aliciacordero@wishtoyo.org, (805) 259-6976

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Organization Description: Wishtoyo Foundation is a Native-led environmental non-profit based in Malibu, CA. Since 1997, Wishtoyo has served coastal communities in traditional Chumash territory, from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo Counties. Our mission is to preserve and utilize the history, lifeways, and legal protections of Chumash and First Nations peoples, and to mobilize the public and its youth to actively engage as protectors of natural and cultural resources.