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This course will introduce you to the different fauna, flora and people in this state from past to present- and examines how different cultures, technology and globalization interact and impact natural resources in California. Material will build on the skills you have acquired in other biology or science classes and you will be introduced to many concepts in ecology and environmental studies. Each student will expand their scientific literacy by researching scientific articles on a pre-approved topic relevant to the course and then present their findings to the class through an oral presentation. The laboratory component of this course will focus on connecting with nature by being able to identify many of the species common to California, as well as getting outside and up close with these species. There are 10 field trips in this course, most of which take place during the lecture and lab period on Mondays. One field trip to Catalina Island will take up the entire day (7am-5pm) on Monday March 7th. Attending these trips is required, so please make sure you can attend each trip prior to signing up to take the class.

Spring 2022 Dates: Jan. 10 - Apr. 27 2022

Contact: Dr. Julie Hopper juliehop@usc.edu


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