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Southern California Mountains Foundation

Course Description

The Southern California Mountains Foundation California Naturalist Course will introduce you to the ecosystems and natural history of the San Bernardino Mountains through unique classroom and field experiences. Participants in the course will have the opportunity to learn and engage in real world environmental projects focused on stewardship and conservation of our public lands. The 40-hour course will prepare participants to become active within their community through citizen science, interpretation, and stewardship. Both novice and experienced naturalists are encouraged to enroll in this exciting new course being offered in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Dates: TBA

Organization Description: The Southern California Mountains Foundation (SCMF) believes connecting communities to our public lands is the key to their survival. SCMF promotes responsible use and stewardship of our natural environment by providing interpretive services, family programs, environmental education and youth development through conservation initiatives.  Visitor relations aim to instill value and respect of our local land to promote the wellbeing of the forest. Working with the United States Forest Service, the SCMF is able to provide engaging programs. The six programs of Southern California Mountains Foundation are: Big Bear Discovery Center, Children’s Forest, Off-Highways Vehicle Program, Urban Conservation Corps, and Music in the Mountains. Along with volunteers and SCMF members, they are able to contribute to restoration and preservation of the San Bernardino National Forest.