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Upper Feather River

The University of California Cooperative Extension in Plumas and Sierra Counties is part of a statewide system that makes University of California research-based information available to local agencies, industries and the general public. 

This California Naturalist course will introduce you to the wonders of our local ecosystems and engage you in the stewardship of California’s natural communities. The course will combine a science curriculum with guest presenters, field excursions (on-site and off-site) and project-based learning to immerse you in the natural world of the Upper Feather River Watershed.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what it means to be a naturalist,
  • Understand the abiotic, biotic and cultural factors that make California and upper Feather River natural history and ecosystems unique,
  • Demonstrate skills in making and recording natural history observations in a field notebook and on iNaturalist.org,
  • Demonstrate skills in communicating and interpreting natural resource information,
  • Apply knowledge of Upper Feather River ecosystems to local and global environmental issues.

2018 Course Schedule: TBA


Contact: Michael De Lasaux, (530) 283-6125