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Palomar Community College

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GEOG 195 California Naturalist Certification, 1.5 Units

The Palomar California Naturalist Program is offered through GEOG 195. The Department of Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences at Palomar College is pleased to offer a regional field course, in conjunction with the UC California Naturalist program, focused on the natural history of San Diego County. Through this partnership, we’ll combine place-based education focusing on how local natural systems function with the opportunity to obtain a valuable statewide certification as a certified California Naturalist.

Dates: April 2 - May 21, 2024

Fees: $200

Delivery Mode: In-Person

Contact: Stephen Crook, scrook@palomar.edu, and Catherine Jain, cjain@palomar.edu  

Registration: Follow enrollment instructions on this site.  

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