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Las Positas College Mount Diablo Region

Course Description

This course is a collaboration between Las Positas College, Save Mount Diablo, and the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association. This California Naturalist course offers weekend field trips, virtual instruction, and in-the-field learning. Participants will observe and learn about the variety of ecosystems in the Mount Diablo region. Participants will develop their ability to observe and engage with nature through keeping a field journal, contributing to a class participatory science project, making observations on the iNaturalist app, and completing capstone projects.

Dates: TBA 

Contact: Michal Shuldman, MShuldman@laspositascollege.edu 

Organization Description: The Mount Diablo region stretches from Pittsburg and Antioch all the way to Corral Hollow, southwest of Tracy, and includes many regional parks, city open spaces, state parks, and reservoirs. This class provides a broad overview of California natural history while helping participants to become skilled interpreters, participatory scientists, and stewards of the lands and lives around Mount Diablo.