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Catalina Island Conservancy

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The Catalina California Naturalist Course looks to facilitate naturalists continuing education and discovery of southern California’s rare, coastal Mediterranean ecosystem highlighted through the lens of island biogeography. This 9-week hybrid course explores the familiar yet uniquely adapted world of the Channel Islands. Eight weeks are taught virtually through online coursework and weekly Zoom meetings, culminating in a 3-day field school on Catalina Island. Catalina Island Conservancy staff instructs the course in partnership with Catalina Island subject matter guest experts. 

Dates: TBA

Contact: Hillary Holt, hholt@catalinaconservancy.org, (310) 510-2595 x. 4221

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Organization Description: The Catalina Island Conservancy is a leader in conservation programs that protect and restore endangered species and threatened habitats. It conducts educational outreach through two nature centers, its Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden and guided experiences in the Island’s rugged interior.

The Conservancy believes that effective conservation in the 21st century is by people for people, and on Catalina Island tests solutions to environmental challenges here, and across our Island Earth.