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Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Course Descriptions

Calaveras Big Trees Association is offering the Climate Stewards certification course and the California Naturalist certification course in Calaveras County. 

California Naturalist Certification Course 

Become a citizen-scientist as we explore California’s natural environment. Learn about opportunities that you can take on to share and engage others in natural resource stewardship through education and service. Upon completing certification requirements, participants are eligible for four academic credits through UC Davis Extension for an additional nominal fee.

Dates: TBA

Contact: cbta@bigtrees.org 

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Climate Stewards Certification Course 

Calaveras Big Trees Association in partnership with California State Parks and UC California Naturalist Program will be offering the Climate Stewards certification course. The goals of the CBTA Climate Stewards course is to improve our ability to communicate climate change information to Park visitors, encourage work in our local communities that will contribute to a healthier climate that will help protect our Giant Sequoias and their environment, and establish a community of practice focused on stewardship, communication, and community solutions to advance resiliency. 

Dates: TBA

Contact: cbta@bigtrees.org, (209) 795-1196 

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Organization Description: Calaveras Big Trees Association (CBTA) facilitates this California Naturalist course and CBTA serves as the sole source of funding for the interpretive and educational programs at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. CBTA can trace its roots to the original Calaveras Grove Association organized in 1926 by a group of individuals intent on preserving the historic groves for future generations. Through their efforts, Calaveras Big Trees State Park was born on July 5, 1931. The Calaveras Big Trees Association was founded in 1974 non-profit to support the interpretive and environmental educational programs at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Programs enable visitors to understand, appreciate, conserve, enjoy and explore Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

Calaveras Big Trees State Park became a State Park in 1931 to preserve the North Grove of giant sequoias. This grove includes the "Discovery Tree", also known as the "Big Stump", the first Sierra redwood noted by Augustus T. Dowd in 1852. Over the years, other parcels of mixed conifer forests have been added to the park. This amazing park has a huge variety of habitats and recreational opportunities to explore.