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Alameda Creek Alliance

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Join us in a California Naturalist Course to become a California Naturalist and Alameda Creek Alliance Stream Keeper. Stream Keepers make observations in the field and collect data on fish species, watch for Salmon and steelhead, and monitor a variety of conditions in the Alameda watershed. Course participants will meet in person to visit various field sites, in a classroom setting and via Zoom. 

The course introduces you to the Natural History and Cultural History of the Alameda Creek Watershed. It combines a science curriculum with lecture presentations, field trips up and down the watershed and project-based learning to explore stream ecology, hydrology, vegetation, and wildlife. Additional topics covered include the evolution of the landscape, early cultures, land use then and now and methods for recording scientific observations on stream health and techniques for water quality monitoring. Participants complete an 8 hour stewardship project during the course. 

Dates: April 10 - June 15, 2024, Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm

Field Trips: Saturdays, 9:00am-12:00pm, April 13, 20, and 27, May 5 & 11, June 5 & 12 

Fees: $475

Delivery Mode: Hybrid

Contact: Steven Cochrane, Steven@AlamedaCreek.org, (510) 225-8196

Registration: Please email Steven@AlamedaCreek.org to register 

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Organization Description: The vision of the Alameda Creek Alliance is to restore native wildlife, plants, habitats and ecosystems within the Alameda Creek watershed as much as possible given modern constraints. We also seek to protect undeveloped areas along the creek for their habitat value to native flora and fauna.

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