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Lightning Talks

Lightning talks provided an opportunity to share knowledge with others at the Regional Rendezvous. As a community of California Naturalists, we learn from each other so it's important we shared what we're doing with one another. Presenters spoke about their efforts to connect with nature and community.

What is a Lightning Talk?

A lightning talk is a low pressure review of important highlights of your naturalist experience. It provided a fun and lively forum for attendees to inspire and discuss their California Naturalist programs and volunteer efforts.

In a lightning talk presentation, speakers were given five minutes each to formally present their key ideas and results. Time was allotted at the end of the lightning talk sessions to interact with those interested in learning more about the information presented. Certified naturalists were great at giving a 5 minute talks after the experience of presenting a capstone project.

Sample topics included capstone projects, interpretive work, results from a citizen science project, a technical skill/tool/new perspectives about the environment.


Naturalists were split into one of two lightning talk sessions (AM/PM).

9_30 Schedule

Lightning Talk Sessions Talk Summaries
AM Morning Session  
Presenter Title
Dave Barry Engaging the Community One Walk at a Time
Natalie Downe Californian Bats and what we on the West Coast can do to prepare and mitigate in advance of the spread of White Nose Syndrome. (PDF)
Sol Henson Citizen Science of Phenology (PDF)
Mary Ellen King River Otters - Heralds of a Healthy Watershed: Using Citizen Science to Confirm a Species Recovery (PDF)
Diana Rohini LaVigne Get Them When They Are Young: Practical Tips to Attract Families and Youth (PDF)
Cathy Monroe Nature's Magic: Monarchs/Milkweed and other Awesome Relationships (PDF)
Jennifer Riddell Eel River fish habitat studies.... and What's up with the Scott Dam Relicensing? (PDF)
Ellen Cochrane Leveraging the Demise of Print (PDF)
PM Afternoon Session  
Presenter Title
Tony Passantino Partnership in Parks: Uniting a Watershed (PDF)
David Berman Five naturalists moments of wondering, noticing, immersing, exploring, and celebrating along the Sonoma Coast. (PDF)
Ellen Cochrane Leveraging the Demise of Print (PDF)
Arthur Dawson Seeing Through Time: Using Historical Surveys to Chart 150 Years of Vegetation Change (PDF)
MV Eitzel Tracking California Buckeye Phenology using Citizen Science Observations from Nature’s Notebook (PDF)
Carolyn Greene For Non-bird Nerds: How to bring bird wonder into your walks
Kathleen Robbiano The Gift of One Ancestral Land
Jeffrey Schwegman Use of Remote Camera Traps for Environmental Education (PDF)
Caryl Hart Naturalists as Activists: Time to revive a critical role