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Plenary Session

Citizen scientists are our first line of defense against extinction


Dodge Chapel Auditorium 1:00pm

This is a unique opportunity to hear the most current perspectives on global change and citizen science.  Dr. Anthony Barnosky and Mary Ellen Hannibal are engaging speakers doing exceptional work in science and communication on behalf of nature conservation.  We are thrilled to have them present their work and engage in dialog on next steps to protect earth's future.  

Plenary generously sponsored by The California Wildlife Foundation.

Mary Ellen Hannibal

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"Citizen Scientist: Adventures in the Anthropocene"

Author Mary Ellen Hannibal’s recent book The Spine of the Continent (2012) chronicles the birth of conservation biology and the monumental effort made by environmental organizations and everyday citizens to create a wildlife corridor from the Yukon to Mexico. She will talk about The Spine, which examines the concept of biodiversity and what is working to save it, as well ongoing research for her next book, Citizen Scientist.  Hannibal is a winner of the National Association of Science Writers Science and Society Award as well as Stanford's Knight Risser Prize in Western Environmental Journalism. More information is available from her website and she may be followed on Facebook and Twitter @mehannibal.


Anthony Barnosky

Tony Barnosky 2014

"Dodging Extinction"

Anthony D. Barnosky is a Professor of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley and Curator of Fossil Mammals in the Museum of Paleontology. Author of numerous scientific publications, op eds, and blog posts, he is a paleobiologist who studies the evolution and extinction of species and how climate change and other disturbances impact earth's ecosystems. His book Heatstroke: Nature in the Age of Global Warming (2009) highlights what today's changing climate means for practicing conservation biology in the coming decades. His new book is titled “Dodging Extinction-Power, Food, Money, and the Future of Life on Earth”  More information is available from his  website and he can be followed on Twitter @tonybarnosky.