UC Climate Stewards Unveils Course Emblem

UC Climate Stewards Unveils Course Emblem

8.10.2020 final climate stewards logo transparent png
The UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, through the California Naturalist Program, is developing a UC Climate Stewards certification course. In collaboration with partners including formal and informal science institutions, we will deliver a public program that improves climate change literacy and civic engagement for community and ecosystem resilience throughout California. The UC California Naturalist Program will prepare UC Climate Stewards to communicate and engage in local solutions to advance community and ecosystem resilience. Our vision is for California to have engaged communities and functioning ecosystems that are resilient in a changing climate.

A new certification course needs a course emblem fit for a beautiful pin and certificate! We're pleased to announce the new design, a lupine (Lupinus sp.). After passionate debate and multiple rounds of votes for different flora and fauna by course instructors, staff, and our Strategic Planning Committee, we finally settled on the lupine, without designating a specific species. Lupine are found throughout California and are a flower familiar to many people. Lupine are in the pea family, they are nitrogen fixers, and they help sequester carbon in the soil. Furthermore, many species are threatened by climate change. By CalFlora estimates, there are 138 species of lupine in California. Check out CalFlora to learn about the astonishing diversity across the state. 

One of the most gratifying aspects of this project was working with UC California naturalist instructor and certified naturalist Brett Bell. Brett is a science illustrator and naturalist based in the Monterey Bay area. He received his BA in Biology and Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz and went on to earn a certificate in Scientific Illustration at the California State University Monterey Bay Science Illustration program. He shared his creative process with us (below) on a team call. We were thrilled to work with such a skilled artist who's heart was truly aligned with the design project. 


Brett Bell Creative Process

By Brook Gamble
Author - Community Education Specialist 3 (NorCal)