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Lindsay Wildlife Experience, Save Mount Diablo and Mount Diablo Interpretive Association are partnering to offer for the first time a UC California Naturalist certification course focused on the Mount Diablo region. The Diablo lands stretch from Pittsburg and Antioch all the way to Corral Hollow, southwest of Tracy, and include a wide diversity of ecosystems and human communities. Taught by local expert guest speakers, Diablo California Naturalist classes provide a broad overview of California natural history while helping participants to become skilled interpreters, citizen scientists, and stewards of the lands and lives around Mount Diablo.

Through field trips, classroom instruction and hands-on exercises, participants will observe and learn about the variety of ecosystems of our region. Through the course, participants will develop their ability to observe nature and will learn tools to improve these skills. In addition, participants will improve their communication skills by sharing knowledge with other participants and by working on a group project.

In our inaugural course, January-March 2017, registration will only be open to paid staff and volunteers who have worked above 100 hours in the last year at one of the three hosting organizations.

Download the draft course syllabus here.

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