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 Training Name Wonders of the Intertidal: Tidepooling at Duxbury Reef
 Organization Name Point Reyes National Seashore Association
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 Start date 07/15/17
 Brief course description Come enjoy a low-tide exploration of one of the largest shale reefs in North America. We’ll discuss the unique geology of the area and the marine influences that make it such a rich site. Peering into tidepools we’ll marvel at extraordinary critters, admiring the adaptations that enable them to survive. Some of the amazing invertebrates we may see include purple sea urchins, giant green anemones, ochre sea stars, an array of crabs and curious worms, as well as mussels, whelks, barnacles, limpets, chitons and bryozoans. 

If we’re lucky, we may also find some nudibranchs - sea slugs of such incredible beauty they’re referred to as the “butterflies of the sea”. We’ll also be looking at the diverse assemblage of seaweeds, many of which are edible, that grow on the reef.

-Youth, ages 12 and up, are welcome with adult supervision.

 County location Marin County
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