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 Training Name Insect–Induced Plant Galls of California
 Organization Name Jepson Herbarium
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 Start date 10/07/17
 Brief course description In this workshop, we will start by exploring the diversity of extant insect-induced plant galls and the community of species found within them. Our study will begin with a series of lectures covering gall induction, development, plant host specificity, and inducer life histories using Joyce Gross' excellent photographic images of galls and gall insects. We will then take a short campus field trip to learn how to find galls. Back in the classroom, we will dissect galls under microscopes to examine their intricate structures and view the occupiers. We will wrap up with discussion about the evolution of the plant host-plant gall interrelationships with examples from fossil galls.

 County location Alameda County
 Cost (CA Naturalist; public; other) Course Fee: $125/$155
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