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Based in Woodland, California, Tuleyome was founded in 2002 as a volunteer advocacy-oriented nonprofit conservation organization. Their mission is: "Tuleyome engages in advocacy and active stewardship with diverse communities to conserve, enhance, restore, and enjoy the lands in the region."

Tuleyome “lives” their mission every day: they preserve and restore wild habitat, build and repair trails, educate the public about local conservation and environmental issues, engage young people through youth program,  demonstrate a good “land stewardship” ethic by maintaining the easements and properties they own under the scope of our land trust component, and run campaigns that have a long lasting positive effect on the region. It is Tuleyome's hope that their work will inspire members of the public to protect, restore, and enjoy the natural landscape in the Northern Inner Coast Range.

The California Naturalist Program allows Californians to help protect and preserve our unique and diverse wildlife, habitats, river, lakes and coastal resources, wild and urban alike. Tuleyome’s Certified California Naturalist course will focus primarily on the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument region (which includes parts of Yolo, Solano, Napa, Lake, Mendocino, Glenn and Colusa Counties). By signing up for the course with Tuleyome, you also become a CERE Guardian -- an active member of the public dedicated to Conserving, Enhancing, Restoring and Enjoying our regional public lands and open spaces --  and will receive a special pin at the completion of the course.

Students will participate in at least 40 hours of classwork and three field studies, and will complete a capstone project. Tuleyome offers 2 courses: the first delivers the curriculum over a series of 10 weeks. The course is open to members of the public age 18 years and up and limited to 20 students. The second course delivers the curriculum within one week (immersion).

Dates: January 14 - March 18, 2022

Location: Virtual or Woodland Public Library

Registration & cost: Visit the Tuleyome website for details.

Contact: Nate Lillge: Office: 530-350-2599 or nlillge@tuleyome.org.


Immersion Dates: April 10-15, 2022

Location: Participants stay at onsite at Wilbur Hot Springs. Options for camping or dorms are available. Students will have full access to the resort's amenities. 

Registration & Cost: Cost TBA. Limited scholarships available. Email Wilbur Hot Springs directly (frontdesk@wilburhotsprings.com) to sign up.

Contact: Email Wilbur Hot Springs directly frontdesk@wilburhotsprings.com, or instructor Nate Lillge: Office: 530-350-2599, Email: nlillge@tuleyome.org.