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Climate Stewards American River Conservancy course
Contact: Cathy Mueller, cathy@arconservancy.org
Sponsor: California Naturalist

Full course website:  http://calnat.ucanr.edu/Take_a_class/American_River_Conservancy/

For more than 25 years, the American River Conservancy (ARC) has been preserving rivers and land for life. As a non-profit community organization in the central Sierra Nevada foothills, we work to preserve natural areas and cultural resources and build an enduring ethic of care, building a sustainable future for humans in harmony with nature. 

We purchase or accept land and conservation easements from willing landowners and actively partner with governmental agencies, private donors, and foundations to acquire funding and to transfer these lands into the public domain. We build an enduring ethic of care by providing environmental education and outdoor recreation for adults and children alike, and by promoting habitat restoration, trail building, and maintenance projects with volunteers.

UC Climate Stewards Certification

American River Conservancy is excited to offer a brand-new certification class, the UC Climate Stewards certification. The UC Climate Stewards seeks to foster a committed corps of volunteers ready to effectively engage in transformative local solutions to promote community and ecosystem resilience in a changing climate. This ten week course will introduce you to social-emotional resilience and trauma-aware practices, climate change communication, climate science, and community resilience planning. The course will combine communication, engagement, and science curricula with guest presenters, field trips, and project-based learning to immerse you in the dynamics of your local community.  The UC Climate Stewards Handbook is included in the course fee.

Dates: September 2 - November 4, 2021.

Registration: Available here.

Contact: Please contact Cathy Mueller at (530) 621-1224 or cathy@arconservancy.org for more information and to inquire about the limited number of need-based scholarships.