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Lightning Talks

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Why Lightning Talks?

Lightning talks provide an opportunity to share knowledge with others at the Regional Rendezvous. For this dispersed community of California Naturalists to grow and thrive, we need to actively share and learn from each other! It is important to discuss what we're doing and what we're passionate about with others. We'll have them at the beginning of the day so you can find presenters during the breaks to discuss topics in more depth.

Lightning talk proposal submission link

What is a Lightning Talk?

A Lightning Talk is a low-pressure review of important highlights of your naturalist experience. It provides a fun and lively forum for attendees to inspire and discuss their California Naturalist programs, skills, and volunteer efforts.

In a Lightning Talk presentation, speakers are given five minutes each to present their key ideas and results in front of rendezvous participants. Time is allotted at the end of the Lightning Talk for a few questions. Certified California Naturalists are great at giving five-minute talks after the experience of presenting their capstone project. Presenters may optionally use visuals of their choice (a slide show of 5 or less slides, something you made, a flier to pass around, art to display etc.). Please let us know in advance if your visuals have display requirements so we can plan ahead (table, wall, etc.). 

Sample topics may include capstone projects, interpretive work, results from a citizen science project, a technical skill or tool, and new perspectives about the environment.

Who Is Eligible to Present a Lightning Talk?

Anyone who attends the rendezvous! Presenters must be registered for the rendezvous. 

How Do I Participate?

For Lightning Talk proposals, please prepare a title and a 2-5 sentence summary of the topic and submit via this web form. It is the responsibility of the author to verify the information submitted and to correct any errors or omissions before the submission deadline. 

What are Some Specific Subject Ideas? Check out the 2017 and 2018 archives for ideas of what other Naturalists have shared!

Important Dates: 

  • August 9: Proposals due. Please get your proposal in as early as possible, as space may be limited.
  • August 12: Deadline for presenters to register for the conference.
  • August 13: Last day to upload optional 5 slides (PDF or PPT)

Lightning talk proposal submission link

Lightning talk slide upload (optional)

More questions? Please e-mail Eliot.

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