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CalNat Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum course
Contact: maria.aispuro@dominguezrancho.org or 310-603-0088
Sponsor: California Naturalist

Full Course Website: http://calnat.ucanr.edu/Take_a_class/Dominguez/

The Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum is proud to offer the UC California Naturalist certification course. Learn about Southern California’s South Bay area and become part of the volunteer naturalists and citizen scientists ready to take an active role in the local area’s natural resource conservation, education and preservation.

Classes will be held at the museum, which is part of the 1st Spanish land grant in California dating back to 1784, which was 75,000 acres. The museum is California landmark number 152 and on the national registry of historic places.  Its 13 acres represents what the South Bay area looked like back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

These classes cover the natural and cultural history of California, with an in-depth look at our South Bay ecology. Through field trips, classroom instruction and hands-on exercises, participants will observe and learn about the variety of plant and animal communities of our region. Through the course, participants will learn tools to hone their observation skills and will improve their communication skills by sharing knowledge with other participants and by working on a group project.

2021 Course Schedule: September 11 to December 11. The classes will be held every Saturday from 10:00am to 1:00pm. All classes will be held at the Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum. Field trip dates are Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4.

Fee: The cost for the course is $325. Students must purchase The California Naturalist Handbook (2013, UC Press). Four UC academic credits available upon completion for an additional fee.

Download 2021 course flyer and registration form.

Instructor: Lauren Chroman, MS, is a biology professor and California Naturalist.  She studies animal behavior, focusing on social behavior and behavioral adaptations to ecology.  Her background also includes botany, mammology, ornithology, fire ecology, marine biology, evolutionary biology, and conservation biology.

Contact: Esteisi Lagos at 310-603-0088 or at esteisi.lagos@dominguezrancho.org