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Welcome to our ongoing effort to catalog citizen science and other public participation in scientific research (PPSR) projects for UC California Naturalists and other citizen scientists.  We invite you to browse the listed projects or enter key words (like birds, youth, invasive, coast, Alameda, etc.) in the search box above to find projects in your area. It's a great way to stay involved and keep developing your skills as a natural scientist!

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Contra Costa Volunteer Creek Monitoring Program

  • Organization Name
    Contra Costa Watershed Forum
  • Organization Website
  • Partners
    Contra Costa Clean Water Program (http://www.cccleanwater.org/)
  • Contact Name
    Michelle Luebke, Watershed Monitoring Coordinator
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone
  • Other Contact Information
    N / A
  • Project Purpose (taken from project materials)

    The information gathered by volunteers is used for a variety of purposes:

    • to assess the current conditions of Contra Costa County streams
    • to compare stream health to state water quality standards
    • to calculate water quality and biological integrity indices
    • to serve as a baseline for comparison in future studies
  • Participant Activities

    1. Bioassessment: Using aquatic insects as indicators of water quality, volunteers learn more about the health of their neighborhood creeks and identify potential problem areas. Community members, local college students, and volunteer groups can help collect specimens for identification.

    2. GPS Creek Surveys: Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, volunteers monitor the current conditions of their neighborhood creeks. In the summer and fall adventurous volunteers wade into local creeks, mapping the physical attributes of the stream channel (substrate, canopy cover, bank characteristics, etc.), extent and type of native and invasive vegetation, and human influences (outfalls, dams, etc.).

  • Data Entry
    • Collection Kits
    • Other
  • Other Participant Activities

    A third component of the CCFF program is the Assistance and Resource Center: The Watershed Monitoring Coordinator can provide assistance to groups in Contra Costa County who are involved in creek monitoring activities.  Equipment can be borrowed from the program (when it isn't being used by the program) and technical assistance is availiable to provide help with data collection activities.

  • System Studied
    • Water Quality
    • Invertebrates
    • Wetlands - Freshwater Streams and Marshes
  • Geographic Scope
  • Region
    Contra Costa
  • Location
    Watersheds and creeks in Contra Costa County
  • Location - Map
    30 Muir Road, Martinez, CA 94553
  • Time Commitment
    • Specific dates (see Other Information below)
  • Volunteer Qualifications
    N / A
  • Volunteer Training
    N / A
  • Cost to Participant
    N / A
  • How will the findings be used?

    The data gathered through the program are available for use in various projects, and is useful to many parties, from resources managers to community organizations:

  • Other Information
    N / A
  • Photo
  • last update:
    N / A

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