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CalNat Sonoma Ecology Center course
Contact: Tony Passantino tony@sonomaecologycenter.org
Sponsor: UC Environmental Stewards

Full Course Website: https://calnat.ucanr.edu/Take_a_class/SEC/ 

This California Naturalist Program for Teachers course is designed to equip educators with the expertise to inspire their students to become active participants in the stewardship of California’s natural communities, with a focus on Climate and Wildfire Resiliency through a naturalist lens. This course will provide a deep exploration of the wonders of California’s local ecology, with an emphasis on understanding the intricate connections between climate change, wildfire resiliency, and the natural history of the Sonoma Valley. Through a combination of scientific inquiry, guest lectures from experts, immersive field trips, and project-based learning, participants will gain the skills necessary to effectively communicate and interpret natural resource information, while applying their knowledge to address local and global environmental issues.

Dates: September 27 – November 11, 2023

Fees: $40

Delivery mode: Hybrid

Contact: Tony Passantino, tony@sonomaecologycenter.org 

Course Website & Registration