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Climate Stewards Santa Clara County Parks course
Contact: interp@prk.sccgov.org
Sponsor: UC California Naturalist

Santa Clara County Parks is offering the UC Climate Stewards certification course. It is an 11-week climate-change education and service course that combines online learning and dynamic field experiences for adults. This course is facilitated by a team of interpretive naturalists and local experts and includes field trips that explore fire ecology, urban agriculture, and sea level rise.

After certification, UC Climate Stewards will volunteer 40 hours with Santa Clara County Parks or their own local communities in activities ranging from community science, land and water stewardship, civic engagement, and education and interpretation activities. The training will include an overview of state and local climate policies so that Climate Stewards is a catalyst for public participation in California’s climate change initiatives.

Dates: February 4 - April 22, 2023 

Fees: $180

Delivery Mode: Hybrid

Contact: interp@prk.sccgov.org 

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Organization Description: The mission of the Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Department is to provide, protect, and preserve regional parklands for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. Santa Clara County Parks strives to provide all visitors a place where diversity and inclusivity is valued and makes every effort to provide access to outstanding recreational opportunities, a rich cultural historical legacy, and an expansive regional trail system for all to enjoy.