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Poster Presentations

Conference Posters (Poster title, primary author, organization) Click on (PDF) to view available posters.

Riparian California - A Project of the California Academy of Sciences. Ted Barone, California Academy of Sciences.

Documenting History through Plein Air Paintings: San Clemente Dam/Chinese Dam Removal and Carmel River Reroute Project. Paola Berthoin.

Citizen Science: Phenology. Lessons learned from the initiation of a new program. Hannah Bird, Hopland Research and Extension Center.

Resilient Silicon Valley: Mountain View, CA Native Oak Inventory. Alejandro Brambila.           

The Cal Nat Program at Camp Ocean Pines. Chris Cameron, Camp Ocean Pines.

Most Small Vertebrates at Effie Yeaw Nature Center are Unaffected by Regional Drought. Michael Cardwell, Effie Yeaw Nature Center.

LA Coastal California Naturalist in Action. Linda Chilton, USC Sea Grant Program.

Monitoring Nest Boxes in the East Bay Regional Park District for Cornell NestWatch. Kathleen Susie Claxton.

Redwoods the Icon of Action: Fighting Climate Change on Tree at a Time. Catie Clune, Turtle Island Restoration Network.

Urban Ravens of San Francisco. Adrian Cotter.

Downstream: Our Year of Learning in the Santa Ana Watershed. Summer Davidson, Dehesa Charter School.

Wakamatsu Community Farm: Connections to the Land. Elena DeLacy, American River Conservancy.

Naturalist Training: The General Education Model Delivered Hybrid and Project Based. Russell DiFiori, Pasadena City College.

Invasive Shot Hole Borers - A Serious Threat to California's Riparian Woodlands. Sabrina Drill, University of California Cooperative Extension.

Diablo California Naturalist Program. M.V. Eitzel, Lindsay Wildlife Experience, Save Mount Diablo and Mount Diablo Interpretive Association.

Ecology and Areal Extent of Lewisia leeana, quill-leaf lewisia, in Eastern Fresno County. Bill Finch.

Pepperwood's TeenNat, Diverse Youth Contributing to Conservation Science. Sandi Funke, Pepperwood Foundation.

Collaboration in the Expanded Field: An Online Forum Feasibility Study for Local & Statewide California Naturalist Programs. Heather Galles.        

The Power of Newsletters: A Look at How Newsletters can keep your Cal Nat Alumni Active and Involved Post-Program. Michelle Gee, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

Sugar Pine Interpretive Trail Brochure. Elaine Gorman.

Comparison of oak phenology between a drought year (WY 2014–2015) and an El Niño year (WY 2015–2016) at Pepperwood Preserve, Sonoma County, CA. Wendy Herniman, Pepperwood Preserve.

California Naturalist Program Volunteer Portal Training Module. Dona Jenkins.

Citizen Science Program: Participation Opportunities for California Naturalists. Frederique Lavoipierre, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

Unauthorized Trails in the Crafton Hills Open Space Conservancy. Rebecca Levers.

Applications of Web Mapping and Data Technology for CA Naturalists. Andy Lyons, IGIS/ANR.

Interpretation of Natural and Cultural Resources though the Park Management Program. Heidi McFarland, West Valley College Park Management Program.

Citizen Activists. Margaret Meyncke, Sierra Club / Santa Margarita Group.

Southern California Mountains Foundation Naturalist Program. Megan Oberdoerster, Southern California Mountains Foundation.

Living with Wildlife While Managing Working Landscapes. Dr. Kimberly Rodrigues, UC Hopland Research and Extension Center

Connecting with Plant Science: Sierra Streams Institute’s Phenology Citizen Science Project. Kelly Santos, Sierra Streams Institute.

Dominguez Rancho Adobe Gardens: Self-Guided Tour. Gary Serbeniuk.           

Using the Wildlife Picture Index to Measure Ecosystem Health and Connectivity. Susan E. Townsend, Dwight Center for Conservation Science at Pepperwood Preserve

Summer Learning Program: Exploring and Observing Nature with Underserved Kids! Ingrid van Dijk, California State Parks.