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Pepperwood Preserve & Santa Rosa Junior College

The Santa Rosa Junior College and Pepperwood Preserve are jointly offering the UC California Naturalist certification program. While the field component is focused on Pepperwood Preserve, the content applies to the natural history of Sonoma County and surrounds. The completion of both Fall and Spring short courses is also a component of the Pepperwood Preserve Steward training program and the UC California Naturalist program.

Students interested in this intensive natural history course can enroll in Biology/Earth Sciences 85.1 (fall) and Biology/Earth Sciences 85.2 (spring) at the Santa Rosa JC to spend 8 weeks each semester (Thursday evening and Sat field trips) on relevant physical and biological science topics or contact the Pepperwood Preserve for more information. Upon successful completion of course requirements, participants will have the option of obtaining the UC California Naturalist Certification ($50 FT students/$100 other, one time fee) certification. Participants will build their resume and become a more desirable candidate to work or volunteer for public land agencies or environmental education organizations.

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