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Welcome to our ongoing effort to catalog citizen science and other public participation in scientific research (PPSR) projects for UC California Naturalists and other citizen scientists.  We invite you to browse the listed projects or enter key words (like birds, youth, invasive, coast, Alameda, etc.) in the search box above to find projects in your area. It's a great way to stay involved and keep developing your skills as a natural scientist!

A vast majority of the information in the database was gathered from project websites and may be out of date. We encourage you to contact projects directly to get involved and learn about most recent opportunities. If you work with a listed project and would like to add to, update, or correct the information we have, please email Also, please consider filling out the "PPSR perspectives" survey. Click here to access the survey, which will help guide this project in the coming year.

If you know of a project not on our list, please go to the "tell us about a project" link on the left so we can list the project here. Thanks for your help!

Special thanks goes to the National Science Foundation Informal Science Education program and the Stephen J. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation for supporting this database of projects.

Your Wild Life Projects

Organization Name
Your Wildlife
Organization Website
North Carolina State University
Contact Name
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Other Contact Information
Project Purpose (taken from project materials)

Learn more about the wildlife living in our midst and help identify what scientists have not yet seen or are not yet looking at

Participant Activities

Show us predation. Show us prey. Draw us a food web. We know so very little about the wild things in our midst. Share your images with our Flickr group. File a field report of what’s living in your house.

Data Entry
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Other Participant Activities

Volunteers can participate in other Your Wildlife projects

System Studied
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Geographic Scope
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Time Commitment
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Volunteer Qualifications
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If you work with this project and would like to add to or update the information below, please email

If you know of a project not on our list, please go to the "tell us about a project" link on the left so we can list the project here. Thanks for your help!

This database is focused on projects in California focused on the environment. For opportunities outside California, as well as national projects that don't have a California-specific components, check

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