Our Mission

Since 1914 UC Cooperative Extension has been the bridge between local issues and innovative answers through the power of UC research.

Our advisors, specialists, faculty, and staff are committed to these principles:

  • Connecting Californians to their University
  • Being a leader to bring science-based solutions
  • Providing information that is trustworthy and not biased
  • Providing research that is practical to use
  • Addressing the local concerns of communities
  • Inviting the participation of all concerned stakeholders
  • Serving where private industry cannot or will not

Our Impact

UC ANR's work makes a difference in the lives of all Californians.

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Statewide programs focus research and extension on solving priority problems that engage ANR academics and UC faculty in integrated teams to work on complex issues that need trans-disciplinary approaches.

Research Centers

ANR's Research and Extension Centers, located in important California ecosystems, support research projects and educational events. Research projects conducted at the RECs enable the delivery of the highest-quality science to growers, industry and land managers.

Research and Information Centers (RIC) are commodity-specific focal points for UC researchers and private and public constituencies providing resources and information.