UC California Naturalist: BEtreat Training Workshop & Instructor Meeting

UC California Naturalist is sponsoring a training workshop March 13 & 14 in Berkeley by Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner, founders of the theory community of practice and international thought leaders in social learning. The California Naturalist statewide community is rapidly growing and promises tremendous opportunity to empower its members to celebrate nature, learn from one another, and coordinate to address today’s environmental issues. The intention of this workshop is to find pathways to thoughtfully weave our community together with a sense of identity, efficacy, and leadership from within.

Together we will learn approaches to foster communities of practice and advance social learning, as well as the power of the value creation framework. With this shared language, we hope to emerge with a vision of how we may more effectively and systematically organize to leverage our collective enthusiasm and knowledge for greater impact. This thought process, while highly applicable to the California Naturalist network, can be applied to many aspects of environmental education and community organizing.

Wenger-Trayner have a lot of experience addressing large-scale social learning challenges and how to best bring people with varied experiences together to address complex problems. They will share their model for visioning, planning and evaluation of social learning spaces all in context with what we do as educators and environmental leaders in California. Learn more about Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner. Note: The training workshop is free of charge to invitees.

Note for California Naturalist Instructors: There will be an annual in-person instructor meeting for CalNat instructors and CalNat staff only on the morning of March 13 before the BEtreat training. CalNat instructors must plan to attend the instructor meeting if they wish to attend the BEtreat training workshop. (Instructors also have the option to attend the instructor meeting only.) 



University of California, Berkeley
Clark Kerr Campus, Building 10 (Garden Room)

Tuesday, March 13
•  9:30 AM -12:00 PM: Instructor meeting (CalNat instructors & CalNat staff only)
•  12:00 - 12:30 PM: Lunch for all AM/PM participants
•  12:30 - 6:00 PM: BEtreat Workshop (Day 1)
Wednesday, March 14
•  8:30 AM - 12:30 PM: BEtreat Workshop (Day 2)
•  12:30 - 1:00 PM: Lunch
•  1:00 - 3:30 PM: BEtreat Workshop (Day 2)

The BEtreat opportunity is for UC California Naturalist leaders, advisors, and instructors.  The instructor meeting is for CalNat instructors & CalNat staff only.

Staff Contact:
Marisa Rodriguez
Office: 626.586.1979
Cell: 626.238.7628 

Draft Agenda - Instructor Meeting
Draft Agenda - BEtreat Workshop Training




What to bring: Laptop computer (as fully charged as possible), pen/pencil and notepad. We'll be providing wooden name tags. If you've attended previous CalNat meetings and have a wooden name tag already, please feel free to bring and reuse it as an option. 

Directions & Parking: Both the instructor meeting and BEtreat training workshop will be held at UC Berkeley's Clark Kerr Campus in Building 10 in the Garden Room. See here for directions and a campus map (2 pages). If driving, please proceed to the the Southwest Parking Lot. There are self-pay parking machines in the lot where you can purchase a daily parking pass ($12/day). 

Public Transportation: The Bay Area has an exceptionally large number of transit agencies. Learn more about available options here.


Travel Support (instructors only): If you are a CalNat course instructor and you would like to attend, but do not have travel support from your organization, please estimate your travel expenses in dollars ($) in the RSVP form. We will let you know to what extent we can assist and will reconfirm your attendance.

Airports: If you intend to arrive in the San Francisco Bay Area by air, consider flying into Oakland rather than San Francisco. The Oakland International Airport (OAK) is smaller and easier to manage than San Francisco International (SFO)—and it is closer to Berkeley.

Oakland International: ~15 miles / ~25 mins     San Francisco International: ~ 25miles / ~35 mins

Lodging and Dining: Please reserve your own lodging ASAP. Lunch and light snacks/refreshments will be provided both days. The area has many options for lodging and dining. Here are some recommendations on accommodations and dining options near UC Berkeley. One popular option with attendees is the Berkeley Lab Guest House near the Clark Kerr Campus.

Ride/Lodging Share: For attendees that wish to carpool to the meeting or share the cost of a hotel room, we have set up a Google Form to connect. Many partners across the state plan to attend. Check out the partner map here for a program near you.

For general details on visiting UC Berkeley, explore http://visit.berkeley.edu/.