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 Training Name Yosemite Forum - Species' ranges and conservation strategies
 Organization Name UC Merced Yosemite Field Station
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 Start date 10/09/2018
 Brief course description Using knowledge of species ranges to develop conservation strategies
Dr. Jason Sexton, UC Merced

Earth is changing rapidly. Referencing case studies in plants (often monkeyflowers in the Sierra Nevada) and animals, this talk discusses ways that species adapt to rapidly changing environments. Crucial in this process of adaptation is the variation in, and gene flow among, wild populations across species ranges. Additionally, this talk will discuss what is known regarding general “rules” of species ranges and how any such rules can be used to develop adaptive conservation strategies of wild, native species. Dr. Sexton will conclude by outlining needed areas of research to better our understanding of the limits and adaptive capacity of natural populations.

This is an interactive lecture series designed to bring evolving knowledge of Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada to the public and the park.

 Time of day start-end 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
 County location Mariposa County
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