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 Training Name 8th Annual Native Bee Count
 Organization Name Sonoma Ecology Center
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 Start date 06/30/2018
 Brief course description It’s time for our eighth annual Native Bee Count.  Dr. Gordon Frankie and his bee team from UCBerkeley Urban Bee Lab will once again be guiding us through the citizen science of Native Bees.  In this citizen science project we must follow the same protocols each year, which means we can take only 10 participants.

This year the Native Bee Count will be on Saturday, June 30.  We will meet at 8:30AM and end at 5PM.

As volunteers, you will be trained to capture bees in their native environment in order to survey the numbers and types of bees present and then to compare those numbers each year.  In the morning briefing and as you survey each site, you will learn conservation of bees and other insects that visit flowers, why bees are important, statewide finings on the bee/flower relationship from Urban Bee Lab research all over the State of California and stewardship of bee gardens.  

 County location Sonoma County
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