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 Training Name Caring for Pollinators from the Ground Up
 Organization Name Sonoma Ecology Center
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 Start date 06/09/2018
 Brief course description

Did you know there are over 600 varieties of native bees live in Sonoma County? Most we will never see because they’re fast, often small, and nest underground. But take a summer stroll in Sonoma Garden Park and you’re likely to spot more bees than you can count. On one day alone, researchers documented 80 bee species.  Other beneficial insects and hummingbirds use the garden, too, as it’s a busy oasis of year-round habitat and food resources. The Garden is an exciting and productive local offset to mounting, worldwide pollinator declines.

Come join us at the Sonoma Garden Park to learn how your garden can help reverse the downward spiral in pollinator populations. A well-designed, home garden Bee Patch offers the biodiverse foraging and nesting habitat pollinators are stressing to find.  If you build it, they will come!

 County location Sonoma County
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