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 Training Name Raptor Experience - Spring 2017 Nature Series
 Organization Name The Coastal Institute at Camp Ocean Pines
 Website for more information
 Start date 06/10/17
 Brief course description This is a chance to interact with live birds of prey. Participants can choose to spend the whole day to experience what it's like to hunt with a raptor as your partner. Instructor Chris Cameron is a lifelong naturalist and licensed falconer who has been working with raptors for over 35 years. The first half of the day will be all about California's raptors and their natural history. Chris will give an interactive presentation using several different live raptors to teach about the birds of prey that call this state their home. After lunch, Chris will teach about the sport of falconry. You will have the chance to accompany Chris and one of his birds on a hunt - you will even don a falconer's glove and call the bird to your hand.

Registration and more details are available through provided link. Discounts available for groups/families and California Naturalist graduates.

 Time of day start-end 9:00am
 County location San Luis Obispo County
 Cost (CA Naturalist; public; other) $49/person for half day (morning), $99/person for full day (morning and afternoon). Discounts available.
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