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Be our lunch date! Mark your calendars for Invasive Species Action Week June 3-7. CalNat &UC ANR's Dr. Sabrina Drill is hosting a free 40-minute lunchtime webinar series. The first half of the week the series covers organisms from killer algae and incestuous beetles to rodents of unusual size. The second half it's Weeds-A-Palooza, focusing on invasive plants.

The City Nature Challenge: California Naturalists and partners participated in full force across the state in this global boost for science & nature. Check out highlights and pics in our blog post.

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 Spotlight on Citizen Science: CalNat and many of our collaborators and champions are highlighted in the latest issue of Breakthroughs from the College of Natural Resources - UC Berkeley.

 April Newsletter: Are you Ready for the City Nature Challenge? News on the City Nature Challenge, new staff, and notable California Naturalists. Subscribe to future newsletters here.

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Share your California Naturalist Story! We all came to be a California Naturalist through different avenues and motivations. We all have different life experience, perspective, and talents we bring to the Californian Naturalist community. And yet we all have a keen interest in nature in common. In pictures and words, we want to share your short CalNat story.

California Naturalist climate stories are live!  Check out this map! The California Climate Stories show why action on the ground is important, and how local action fits within broader efforts to adapt to climate change throughout the state. Developed for the Governor’s OPR Adaptation Clearinghouse in collaboration with UC ANR, California Naturalist, and IGIS Statewide programs. Thanks to all who shared their story!

Check out our new Partner Story Map: find a class or an organization near you!



Download this California Naturalist Handbook flier for 30% off from the publisher, UC Press!