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Planning Committee

Name   Affiliation Role
Janice Alexander   UCCE Marin Trainings Chair
Carol Blaney   Interpretive specialist Scholarship Committee
Jill Butler   CALFIRE Member
Sherry Cooper   UC ANR Program Support Unit Operations
Sabrina Drill   UCCE Los Angeles/Ventura & CalNat Co-Director Southern CA Liaison
Melissa Eitzel   Graduate Student, UCB CNR ESPM Scholarship Committee
Angela Evenden   Pacific West Region, National Park Service Park Connections
Lisa Fischer   UC ANR REC Director Sponsors Chair
Brook Gamble   California Naturalist Community Education Specialist Member
Susie Kocher   UCCE Central Sierra Member
Chris McDonald   UCCE San Bernardino Member
Lauren McNees   UC ANR Program Support Unit Operations
Adina Merenlender   CalNat Co-Director Program Chair
Donna Pozzi   Chief, Interpretation and Education Division, California State Parks Park Connections
Carrie Raleigh   California Naturalist Community Education Specialist Silent Auction Chair
Mike Roa   Educator Scholarship Committee & Tree Cookie Name Badges
Deborah Stanger Edelman   CALNAT Instructor Poster session Chair
Jeannette Warnert   UC ANR Communications Services Marketing
Ann Wasser   Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History Local Chair and Field Trips
Ed Wong   California Air Resources Board / CEEIN Member